My parents were Porteous Elmore Johnson [1907-1997] and Eleanor Alfreda Johnson [1909-1986], same last names. Completely different lineage. My younger brother, Lyman Johnson, researched our heritage. All of my original FOO (Family of Origen) is gone, but Lyman left his genealogy research for us to enjoy. Many stories lurk in these archives. I plan to mine them for the adventures of my distant relations. To take a look yourself, go to Lyman Johnson’s web site.

1941, Hastings-on-the-Hudson, NY, just before my father joined the Navy.

left to right: Betsy, Lyman on Mother’s (Eleanor) lap, Porteous with Eric on his lap.



My mother’s parents, Hilda Sofia Falbacka Holm, Kronoby, Finland (1888 – 1971 )

Alfred Anders Johannesson* KIVIJÄRVI, Finland
(1887 – 1957)

Eleanor Johnson was born in the Bronx, the first of five children.

Eleanor (Elna), Hilda, Alfred 1910